Traditional doctors in Kibera have a reason to worry after police began intensifying arrests in the field.

This comes after officers arrested a witch doctor said to be conning residents from Kitengela in the pretext of solving marital and financial problems.

Trouble began on Sunday after the self-proclaimed witch doctor separated lovers who had allegedly got stuck together as they were having sex.

Police also recovered witchcraft paraphernalia and a register of over 100 clients together with their pictures.

Reports indicate that the man had stage-managed the separation of lovers after paying a man and a woman to act at stuck. 

"When I saw the stuck lovers, I believed the doctor and took his phone number. I later called him over my lost property and he told me to come with KSh 5200 and some soil from my house that was broken by thieves," said a client who had rushed to the man to get his problems solved. 

Kibera is full of posters calling people to have their problems solved. 

The doctors mostly pay young men to stick the adverts at strategic places in the night. 

Most of the problems allegedly solved are poverty, love, marriage problems, mental disorders, lost people among other slum-prone problems.