Are you at the best place with your partner? Well, being in love is something that makes one feel great.

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More so, being with someone that you truly care for and is always there for you to completely make life in relationship to be great.

However, a healthy relationship is a type of relationship where besides enjoying together times as a couple, once in a while at least one gets a chance to enjoy some personal time.

Losing yourself in a relationship is what makes the relationship unhealthy.

Here are some of the tips that one can use to be him or herself in a relationship.

1. Keep doing your own hobbies

Even though it is tempting to sacrifice all the time that you used to be participating in your hobbies, it is not right stopping to do your hobbies just because of a relationship.

Keep doing your hobbies as that contributes a lot to you being yourself.

Have personal space and time.

2. Always try hard to have some personal time and space.

While in a relationship, one might be blinded to see the importance of having personal time but immediately when one discovers that he or she is losing him or herself, that when many people are likely to note its importance.

3. Set boundaries

Having boundaries in a relationship is very important.

For example, even though it is okay for your partner to use your phone when there’s the need, it is inappropriate of him or her to peruse your social media.

Always let your partner know how far he or she can go as far as you are concerned.