Every guy desires to have a girlfriend who has 'wife material' personalities. 

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A girl who can be reliable, loyal, honest and respectful. University is one of the platforms where you can easily get a soulmate.

However, it is not that easy as you may think. It encompasses a lot of things.

If you need a soulmate by the time you are leaving campus, then these are the things you need to do and know:

1.Embrace loyalty 

From the general point of view, a 'wife material' lady would want to spend the rest of her life with the right man. 

A man who will love her back. If you can't afford to take care of that nice lady in your life, then you don't deserve having that 'wife material' lady.

In short, it all starts with you. Embrace loyalty if you want things to work out for you.

2.Hangout in the right places

A lady who often likes partying disqualifies to be 'wife material'. 

This is not a hoax; you won't go anywhere with such a lady.

Avoid dating ladies who are always in pubs, and can never miss any party around the campus. 

 Know the right places to play your cards right. 

Consider dating a girl from the Christian Union. They have good principles and would make awesome wives. 

3. Don't be picky 

You want a 'wife material' girl, right? Then don't be too choosy. 

There are so many ladies who conduct themselves very well. They often portray outstanding personalities. 

If you have a lady who is always respectful and above all loyal, then you should never abandon her.