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Woman nabs daughter with old man in lodging

Kevin Ondimu
Lovers in bed. [Photo/Standard.]

Business in Keroka town came into a stand still after a woman caught her caught her daughter pants down with an old man on Wednesday.

Susan Omoke said she has been suspecting her daughter over adultery for a long time. 

"My daughter came home from Kisii town where she studies as a P1 teacher to collect school fees. 

"I gave her money to go back but she said she will stay for few days before she could leave for school. 

"On Wednesday she packed her things and left for school but ended up in a lodging with an old man," she said.  

Mrs omoke said she was tipped off by one of the trader at the market who saw her daughter entering a lodging facility with a grey-haired man. 

According to Susan, her daughter Vane, has been in several occasions accused of snatching other women's husbands. 

"Vane is not even ashamed sleeping with men who are older than her. I will not continue paying her school fees because she don't want to respect herself," she noted.  

Vane was forced to return the money she had been given by her mother for school fees.

Susan threatened to chop off her head if she returns home. 



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