'My Two Wives' is a drama series that aired on KTN Home every Wednesday after the 7:00 pm news. 

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The series is presumably one of the most watched local series, judging by the debate it ignites on social media. The drama is based around an actor, Eddy Peter. He goes by the stage name Zachary a.k.a Zac.

Zac is married to Diana Mulwa, best known by stage name Toni. She used to be Zac's fashion designer.

Zac was later in the series forced to inherit Wakio Mzenge alias Damaris. This was in compliance with the traditions that required that after her husband, Alphonse's death, she'd be inherited by the brother-in-law. The late Alphonse is Zac's brother.

The three, Zac, Toni and Dama make the lead characters in the series 'My two wives'. They live in the same house. 

Another name that stands out from the drama is Monique. She is a Bachelor of Law graduate and her real name is Louisa Akadeli. She hails from Turkana County.

Monique is Toni's close friend and have known each other  from the time they were on campus. She forms Toni's support system. She also represents a section of women in the society who are rich and stable but cannot keep any man.

In the series, she has had several boyfriends, but none of them stayed with her for long.

Louisa Akadeli revealed to Dr. Ofweneke on his Thursday live show that regardless of her having studied Law for more than five years, her passion was in acting.

She, however, embraces what she learned from the School of Law in her acting career. She is also a mother and married to a Nigerian.