President Uhuru Kenyatta has confessed that he deserves the honour to join the group of elite Africans commonly refered to as Pan Africanists who focus is to rally for social-economic agenda. 

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Speaking on Monday in the ongoing AU-NEPAD summit in Addis Ababa, Uhuru also condemned slavery which he said should be discouraged by mankind in the entire African continent.

"I am a Pan Africanist who believes that African people have a common cultural heritage and historical experience that we must understand if we are to have a clearer sight of our desired destination | 32nd #AUSummit @KagutaMuseveni @CyrilRamaphosa @hagegeingob @FNyusi @RailaOdinga.

"We stand in solidarity with all peoples of the world who are suffering the pain of slavery today. We condemn the Jihadist groups that are destroying innocent lives and their evil ideology which praises and justifies the slavery of thousands of Yazidi women and children in Iraq," he said on his Twitter.

The president's speech comes at a time a number of slavery incidents have been reported in the Middle East countries of Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Coincidentally, Uhuru delivered the powerful speech in the presence of Raila Odinga, another veteran leader from Kenya who has all along been treated as one of eminent African personalities.

In the sidelines on Sunday, Uhuru also held a brief meeting with Raila which also saw South Africa boss Cyril Ramaphosa joining them. 

The duo reconciled in March last year and their friendship has blossomed since then. In October 2018, Mr Odinga was appointed as High Representative for Infrastructural Development in the AU.