Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso has lashed at a section of Jubilee and ODM politicians, accusing them of premature 2022 campaigns which she says are toxic to the development of the country.

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For months now, two groups have emerged with one (Tanga Tanga) backing Deputy President William Ruto's 2022 presidential bid while another one (Kieleweke), rallying behind President Uhuru Kenyatta Big Four agenda.

While President Kenyatta has warned about early campaigns, the two teams have defiantly confronted each other, a move that has reignited political uncertainty and fear for derailed development.

At Budalang'i on Sunday, Laboso urged the camps allied to Ruto and Uhuru to tone down, noting that Kenyans are no longer interested in early campaigns.

"Just like when we were in Reloaded (ODM), seems we are forming another one in Jubilee. We must stop these noises. Kenyans are tired, they are no longer interested in these campaigns," said Laboso.

She added: "What they want is peace and development. They are now less interested with flexing of muscles. Let's sit down and see how to deliver for them. Ababu Namwamba told Rachael and I to pass that message."

Over the weekend, DP Ruto reintroduced the succession debate, arguing that Raila is keen to break the Jubilee Party from within. He made reference to Raila's previous association with other political parties.

Last week, President Uhuru Kenyatta dismissed claims that the opposition leader is out to break Jubilee, adding that the two have never had time to discuss party politics. He said their working relationship is meant to benefit the country.