Notorious Al-Shabaab spokesperson Ali Dhere was on Sunday morning badly wounded in an attack launched by KDF and Somalia National Army, it has emerged.

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Mr Dhere has been issuing statements on behalf of the militants and often takes responsibility whenever a successful attack is launched against AMISOM and SNA.

A statement by the Somali Army radio confirmed the attack, adding that the attack against Dhere was launcher near Shaam area in Awdhegle town.

"Afhayeenkii Maleeshiyaadka #Al-Shabaab Cali dheere ayaa ku dhwaacmay #Howlgal #Ciidanka #Xoogga Dalka ay kafuliyeen Degaanka Shaam ee Degmada #Aawdheegle 11-kii Bishaan By," the radio reported.

"The Somali army radio is claiming that Al-Shabaab Spokesman Ali Dhere was injured in an operation by SNA in Shaam area near Awdhegle town on August 11," VOA journalist Harun Maruf said in interpretation

The successful onslaught comes almost the same time when militias allied to former Al-Shabaab deputy commander Mukhtar Robow are preparing to launch assault against AMISOM and SNA.

Mr Mukhtar broke ranks with Al-Shabaab and was arrested by AMISOM troops last year. He's currently jailed by the forces in Mogadishu.

“Caaro Caaro” militias loyal to jailed ex-Al-Shabaab deputy leader Mukhtar Robow, outside Huddur town, Bakool region. August 2019," Maruf said in a tweet.

Al-Shabaab has narrowed attacks to Somalia, targeting civilians and humanitarian aide workers, something that has troubled President Mohammed Farmaajo's government.