Actress and renowned musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee has come out guns blazing over what she terms as unfocused harassment by Cyprian Nyakundi, the self proclaimed 'boy-child president'.

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In a number of his blogs, Nyakundi has often hit at Akothee's lifestyle and stage antics, which at times wins her admiration and hatred on equal measure from her fans.

And in a long Facebook post, Akothee describes Nyakundi as a 'fly which adds no value to her life, adding that she's a wasted sperm'.

"I have never heard anyone protect the flies coz they got no value in life, they are aannoying & disgusting just to cause destruction so is Nyakundi , tell this broke ASS MAN to go get A life , men are busy buying rang rovers and he is busy carrying politicians handbags left and right , chasing for next news , licking one bottle of fanta for 2 hours in sankara ! Ass licker, hiding behind some Keyboards teaching people how to live and when to give birth , dont even start with me , I will insult you , arrest you ,and build your entire village a refugee camp , pieronondoni, when you will stop paying rent , you will know the meaning of life, wasted sperm , you embarrass your parents .

"Show me your wife and children , or are you impotent , enemy of progress , you belong inside a condom , enjoy 2 minutes of fame . I live in sankara for more than a week, you only come there to be bought fanta with other men.

"I am not a politician, and I dont date frozen heads like you briefcase slave 🤣😂🤣😂🤣at my age, I own what your father is seing on TV 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 if at all he knows the full meaning of KPLC , which I doubt, save your parents first before you point fingers on success, mandoyuech, YOU HAVE NO LIFE , YOU LIVING YOUR LIFE ON PUBLIC PUBLIC FIGURES I PITY YOUR MOM ,if I was her , I would have squeezed you in between the pelvic bone, that you never see light again. You are bitter than a horny cockroach, go get some sex and calm down , stop mastabating on celebrity's walls," she said.

Throughout his Facebook posts, Nyakundi, who goes head-on with women her terms as 'Sly Queens', often accuses them of exploitating men.

And at one time, he claimed that he's the one who brought Akothee to fame when he highlighted her plea on social media.

At his Nyamira backyard, Nyakundi rarely spares county government and has often scolded governor John Nyagarama and his counterpart James Ongwae of Kisii over alleged mismanagement of resources.