Daniel Mungai, a corporal based at Nakuru police station still does not believe how he survived an ambush that claimed the lives of 40 colleagues at Baragoi in 2012.

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Together with his fellow police officers, they were on a mission to recover stolen livestock in Suguta Valley when they faced a brutal attack.

Mungai witnessed his colleagues being butchered, an experience that changed his life.

The 30-year-old, who goes by his stage name Dantez, said the near-death experience led him to seek a closer relationship with God.

"I dedicated my life to Christ and started singing gospel music," said Mungai.

Mungai said he had been in the police service for only two months when they were deployed to Baragoi. 

Suspected cattle rustlers took advantage of the terrain during the attack, and that most of the officers were rookies.

He says his survival was a mystery. He could only describe it as a miracle and that's why he decided to serve God with gospel music.

He started singing immediately he survived the attack. He recorded six songs in Kikuyu including ‘Tiga Niwe’, meaning: were it not for God, he would not be alive.

He also wrote a song titled ‘Baragoi’ in which he narrates the ordeal in Suguta Valley and thanks God for the miracle of his survival.

 He has 15 songs now.