It is every girl’s dream to meet someone who will make her heart skip a beat on the first day. Love at first sight seems like an illusion to many women. Determining whether you love him or just lusting after him can be tricky. According to, it takes a matter of minutes to determine whether he is the true love of your life at first sight. Here are 5 signs of love at first sight.

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1. You feel a strong desire of talking to the person

Love at first sight can make you feel unsettled. You will try everything just to get a chance to talk to the person, even if it means walking up to them and introducing yourself.  This is also accompanied by a desire to get to them better.

2. Your adrenaline starts pumping

Love at first sight makes your level of adrenaline to rise. You will start feeling butterflies the moment you set your eyes on him or her. You will also lose control the moment you see them.

3. You become really nervous

Love at first sight will make you nervous. You will lose your real self.  You will not only get butterflies but also start sweating by just looking at them.

4. You will feel like you have met the person before

Love at first sight makes you feel like you have a bond with the person even though you are only meeting them for the first time. The special connection will make you feel like you have been lifelong friends.