Deputy President William Ruto's ambition of becoming Kenya's fifth president could remain a pipe dream, city lawyer Steve Ogolla has said.

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Ogolla noted the DP was a frontrunner in the 2022 race to the State House but warned it could flop due to lack of proper strategy.

The vocal lawyer pointed an accusing finger at Ruto's strategists saying they should take the blame should their boss fail to clinch the presidency in the next general election.

He made reference to the just-concluded Kibra parliamentary by-election and Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) campaigns citing Ruto has been misguided about them.

Ogolla said Ruto should not have waded into the Kibra race, just like his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta who never showed up in the area to campaign for Jubilee Party candidate McDonald Mariga.

"There's reason to doubt the quality of advice flowing to DP Ruto. The President stayed away from Kibra, Ruto couldn't. The President fully supports BBI, Ruto fights it. If that's not flirting with relegation, what is? If Ruto loses 2022, he will have his strategists to thank," he tweeted on Saturday.

However, it is important to note Ruto has not come out publicly to express his opposition to the BBI report although his close allies have been threatening to shoot it down should it contain 'unfavorable' recommendations.

The DP recently dismissed reports that he was in a dilemma over the much-awaited report, noting he will rally behind the position taken by Jubilee under the leadership of President Kenyatta.

"Dilemma? Hapana! No way! Jubilee as a democratic party celebrates diversity of opinion free of hate and focused on transformation for all; for us big or small matters BUT ultimately as initiators of inclusive non-tribal political discourse we will stand behind our Party and Leader," he said.