There are many things that people in Kenya have been competing for. 

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However, Kenyans were surprised when a Nairobi restaurant launched the biggest ever pizza in Kenya and in East Africa on Thursday, August 2. 

The pizza, measuring 109cm by 109cm  was cooked by a team of five chefs at the Heavenly Foods restaurant. The restaurant, located along Tom Mboya Street is known for producing quality and tasty pizza. 

The team used several ingredients in preparing the enormous pizza. According to the chefs, a total of six unique flavors were used including; grilled choma sausage and pineapple, roast chicken and peppers, pulled beef and beetroot, lamb, mint, and spinach, Carribean feel and the heavenly margarita. 

Surprisingly, 6kgs of flour was used in making the dough for the pizza. A further 6kg of cheese was also used in making sure that all ingredients measure up. 

Andrew Kiguru, one of the five chefs explained that the idea behind the giant pizza was to make a meal that a whole family and even neighbours could have enough of. 

If you were to buy this pizza for your family, Chef Andrew stated, it would have cost you Sh8,500 only. 

In launching the pizza, several celebrities were roped in including DJ Mo, who helped slice the pizza.   

The restaurant has marketed itself in a great way. However, it had already had roots in various parts of Nairobi even in Kibera where they supply pizza on order.