Garissa nominated senator Falhadho Iman has joined politicians from northeastern opposing referendum calls, bolstering Duale's opposition.

She says that referendum is being pushed to 'kill' devolution and deny Kenyans services.

Speaking in Garissa Town on Wednesday, the senator claimed that those championing for the referendum have ill motives.

The nominated senator noted that Kenyans are not ready for a referendum that is meant to frustrate devolution.

“As North Eastern leaders, we will not be part to a referendum that seeks to reduce the number of counties and constituencies,” she said.

The senator said that some selfish politicians are hiding behind the referendum to lobby and campaign for seats in 2022.

She opposed calls for the creation of more political seats terming the proposal as selfish.

“We cannot change or amend the law to accommodate election losers,” she said.

The nominated senator asked Kenyans to stand firm and reject a referendum that will overburden them with taxes.

Several North Eastern leaders among them Garissa Township MP Aden Duale are against the push to amend the 2010 constitution.

Duale has vowed to lead the pastoralists community in rejecting referendum push.

The MP says that the push to amend the 2010 law is malicious and not a priority for the country.