Locals of Kiogoro area in Kisii County who were consuming illicit brew and chang'aa were forced to run for their dear lives after police officers stormed a chang'aa den on Tuesday evening.

Area police boss Grace Auma led police officers during the raid. Mrs. Auma said the war on illicit brew is ongoing. 

"It is unfortunate that people are still not ready to stop engaging in illicit business. I led my team to a chang'aa den where over 400 litres of chang'aa and 'kangara' was destroyed," she said.

She said no arrest was made because clients and the chang'aa den owner escaped. 

"We didn't make any arrest because it seems the clients and the owner were tipped that we were raiding the chang'aa den, but, we will keep on the crackdown to ensure the making, selling and distribution of illicit liquor comes to an end," she added.

 The police boss reiterated that local chiefs who will be found colluding with illicit brewers will be dealt with accordingly. 

Auma urged the public to engage in legal businesses to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.