Criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta clashed with legal scholar Prof Ben Sihanya on Friday over the case of the murder of lawyer Willie Kimani and two others.

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The case has dragged in court for over two years, with the Prosecution team accusing Mr Ombeta of orchastrating the delay without tangible reason.

And in court, a casually dressed Ombeta showed up, an indication that he was not ready to handle the case, a move that irked Prof Sihanya.

In the video, a furious Ombeta is seen shouting at Sihanya, accusing him of intimidation. The law professor in return is heard urging him to perform his responsibilities.

"It doesn't matter whether it's the court or you. Then why are you talking to me about this?" he is seen shouting at the scholar, who in return accuses him of dragging the case

Ombeta has been under pressure from lawyers to quit from the case in solidarity with the slain advocate. In return, he has always insisted that all the accused have a right to representation.

Later Ombeta caused a stir again when he refused to disclose his ailment, arguing that he has a right to privacy. He has reportedly been sick since Sunday.

"What I am ailing from for how long and what it is is not important... let my ailment be about me because I am the one who is in pain... please leave me alone to ail...," the lawyer sobbed.

He went on "I am the one in pain... are you happy that am in such a situation?"