A relationship is not a bed of roses. Most relationships fail because of lack of understanding between both parties.  

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Many people enter relationships because of wrong reasons. Until you discover what you want in life, you are likely to regret ever dating him. 

Find out why you have fallen in love with him before you think about commitment. If you are dating him because of any of these reasons, think twice 

1. Money

A money-driven love affair rarely lasts. You need someone who loves you unconditionally. You do not need money to please your partner. If you want to be with him because of his money then you are misguided in life. It is hard to sustain such an affair when money is no more.

2. Your friends love him

Your friends might love him but you don’t. There is no need to date someone you are less attracted to. Do not base on friends to give him your love. Take your time and find out why you are dating him.

3. You want to secure a job at his office

Finding a dream job can be one of most daunting tasks. Many job seekers resolve to unexpected options to secure jobs. Never make a mistake of trying to date him to get your job.