Moi Girls' Secondary school has once again hit the headlines for suspending a daydreaming student.

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The girl's parent has headed to the courts and sued the giant academic institution for allegedly suspending her daughter over something they describe as  "beyond her control".

The parent was urgently summoned to the school on January 21, 2019, by the secretary and asked to take her daughter home over "indiscipline". 

In an affidavit sworn by the parent and seen by Citizen TV, it reads "That on arrival I met the principle secretary at the school compound in the company of a counsellor who told me that the minor was dreaming in class and left the class in a hurry."

More details also indicate that the girl had daydreamt before being woken up by shouts from fellow students.

“It was alleged that the minor was daydreaming when she woke up to shouting by fellow students causing her great distress, shock and confusion, compelling her to leave the classroom,” added the affidavit. 

The parent now wants the institution to explain why her daughter was suspended over a small issue that could be resolved within the school.