With several buildings collapsing in the nation including at the coast, it is important to know why sea sand is not good for construction. The two main factors that make untreated ocean sand a poor construction material is its shape, texture, and presence of chloride.

1. Shape and texture

There are three classifications of sand based on grain size. We have fine, medium and coarse sand. These properties affect how sand perform on your buildings. It affects the bearing capacity, plasticity as well as the general strength of your building. Shape determines several construction issues. What is affected most is density and stability.

2. Chlorides

The chlorides in ocean sand are a hazard to construction. If you are using as part of your construction materials, the chlorides will corrode the steel leading to the collapse of your structures. Iron is also not spared if used. This makes this sand the poorest in building storey buildings.

The salt in this sand is another killer aspect. It is responsible for absorbing atmospheric moisture that brings dampness in buildings. Such structures are not safe for human occupation.

The above factors should make you keen on the sand used to complete your projects. Your contractor should avoid using ocean sand.