Trust does not come easily. It is usually built with time, experience and memories. 

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If your girlfriend is always suspicious of you maybe because of something you did in the past, it is important to win her trust back if you want the relationship to succeed.

Here are four things you could do to earn her trust.

1. Keep your promises

If you tell her you'll buy her a gift this weekend, make sure you fulfil the promise. Ladies easily get turned off by a guy who does not keep his word. Do not promise her anything if deep down you know you won't fulfil the promise, this might cause her to stop trusting you.

2. Be open to her

Make sure she is the first one to know about anything that happens in your life. If you ran into your ex and she wants a reunion, tell her. Do not let her get information about you from other people. She might think you're lying or hiding things from her.

3. Be patient 

Trust is not easily gained. Do not force her to trust you, it always comes naturally. Trust is fragile yet so rigid when gained. Be patient. 

4. Introduce her to family and friends

Introducing her to your family and friends will make her feel safe and secure. She will clear all doubts about you and this will help in building trust in the relationship.