Deputy President William Ruto earlier in the week came face to face with the reality that he will have to work harder to earn the acceptance of Luo Nyanza leaders.

Ruto who landed in Migori on Monday made history when unlike in other regions, there were only a few area leaders to welcome him.

Only area Governor Okoth Obado and Karachuonyo lawmaker Adipo Okuome from the neighbouring Homa Bay county showed up for Ruto's events as area Luo lawmakers kept off.

Among leaders who were expected to be present include former Migori senatorial aspirant Eddy Oketch who was largely associated with the DP during his (Eddy) campaigns.

This could be proof that Oketch was actually not a Ruto project as was claimed and saw no need to attend as he had no reason to.

Obviously aware of Ruto's coming, Oketch might have as well decided to remain quiet in line with his future ambitions, having realised that associating himself with the DP in the opposition bedrock could only do him harm.

The two-time senatorial aspirant must have analysed the situation and noted that being seen with Ruto could only further affect his 2022 plans.

Finally, he might have been caught up in his own businesses, denying him the time to attend Ruto's functions.

Oketch was accused of benefitting from Ruto in his campaigns, with a section of area leaders claiming that the DP financed his bid and facilitated his movement across the county.

He was also associated with the rebellious Obado who was, however, in detention at the time over his implication in the murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno.#hivisasaoriginal