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House girl sacked for molesting 5-year-old boy

Dennis Chacha
A house girl at work. [Photo/Nation.]

A house girl was sacked after she was found molesting a 5-year-old boy by her boss 

on Tuesday at Nyatieko, in Kitutu Chache South, Kisii County.

Philomena Omanga, the mother to the minor said she had wind that the house girl, Zipporah Kemunto, abusing the boy sexually. 

"Neighbors told me that the girl has been molesting my boy, touching his private parts. I left my workplace early on Tuesday only to return home and found the girl in bed with the boy by forcing him to enter his small penis into her vagina," said Omanga. 

Mrs Omanga said that she immediately notified area Nyumba Kumi official, Teresa Omweri.

"Such incidents are not acceptable. How can a grown-up house girl do that I didn't believe what the minor told us when we questioned him. Parents hiring maids should scrutinise their behaviors before they allow them to work at their homesteads," said Teresa.  

The official said the house girl was caned and later forced to pack her belongings and left the home immediately without her monthly salary. 


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