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Keter to DP Ruto: You are not God, we are ready for you

Jackson O'Mogeni
Alfred Keter (right) with Otiende Amollo. He launched a scathing attack on DP Ruto. [Photo/Amollo]

Alfred Keter has indirectly launched a scathing attack on Deputy President after his victory at Appeals Court in Eldoret on Wednesday.

The DP has been in a receiving end from the rebels led by Keter with a number of them accusing him of plotting for their downfall.

While addressing his followers in Eldoret, Keter insisted he will not 'bow down' to anyone adding that he can only do that to 'God'.

"I prayed so hard so that I can serve my people. Whenever you have people bahind you, no man can threaten you vision.

"They (Ruto) think we can bow before them yet they know well that they are not God. I will support President Uhuru Kenyatta in war against graft and I won't be moved," he said.

His Moiben counterpart Silas Tiren, who has openly been seen with Baringo Senator Gideon Moi was even clearer when he said they cannot 'worship a man'.

"Some people think we can worship them. As long as we have our God and people behind us, such things can only happen in dreams."

Since February, the legislators, along with Marakwet East's Kangogo Bowen, have seemingly blamed Ruto after they were thrown out of parliamentary committees leadership.

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