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Ruto's tweet on Croatia 'explodes' Twitter as fans react

Mwangi W John
DP William Ruto [Photo/]

Deputy President William Ruto is never spared by netizens. He receives all kind of reactions from Kenyans especially after tweeting. It seemed that he was watching the World Cup semis between Croatia and England where he tweeted thereafter. He indicated to support Croatia.

On his official Twitter page, the DP wrote: 

“Torn between France, the only African team in the finals, and Croatia, my favourite & underdog I guess Croatia is my team for finals! Meanwhile congrats brits for a good show. Brexit it was!”

His followers did not hesitate to reply. Most of the replies lit up Twitter like the following:

@LindahMbaisi - Unatangatanga hata kwa World Cup?😂😂😂😂 tangaza msimamo.

@atticus_ke - Just say you have a crush on the Croatian president my fren, don't mix us. 😪😪😪

@nicomutie - we know you support France secretly considering they refused to open the servers during the August last years election petition.

@DavidKyalloM - My Brother, H.E. Hustler, if France win you buy me chicken chicken 🐓😂 🍴🍗 🍗🍴 AMA namna gani?? 

@kelvinmaina999 - Si unge tag huyo Mrembo Wa Croatia... William na wewe ??😂😂

@kamonjomaina - Mkubwa... Croatia iko kaa how many Ha? 😂

@rolextanui - Tunajua kitu unatafuta..😂😂😂Tangaza msimamo

@mbogomelvin - My fren, the Croatian president is taken. Lakini bora uhai.

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