It is evident that the cold war between opposition chief Raila Odinga and DP Dr.Wiliam Ruto is taking a new direction daily.

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A number of politicians allied to the DP have been fond of attacking the ODM leader on what they term as selfish interests attached to the handshake.

 On Wednesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta made himself clear. He told off those accusing Raila that their arguments are baseless.

Those comments have scared the DP's camp since the DP's boss seemed to tell them off.

Ruto's allies now have a big task of carefully examining the sentiments they make on political podiums.

They are scared because if they continue with the attacks on Raila, the President might just take a bold step against them. Remember, last week, security for some vocal DP's confidants was withdrawn under unclear circumstances.

The President insisted that his relationship with Raila is not based on any political interest and that their agenda in geared towards making Kenya a better place for everyone regardless of social class and political affiliations.

Most of the DP Ruto's lieutenants have been attacking Raila for what they term as ill motives tied to his relationship with Uhuru.

Besides, a number of them have been pressurizing the president to announce his stand on the Ruto-Raila feud.

I believe that the comments Uhuru made must have left the DP’s camp in shock.

For a while, most of the attacks on Raila from the DP’s camp have been revolving around the handshake and his good relationship with the head of state..

Now that the President has openly denied that no ill motive exists in his friendship with Raila, the DP’s camp must be jittery.