Many ladies in Kenya believe that if they move in with their boyfriends, the relationship can later turn out to be boring. 

That’s the same feeling with getting married. However, marriage can contrarily improve your sex life or at times, make you lazier especially with the thought of always having your partner around. 

The following are the three ways sex can change after getting married:

1. More confidence

When you are dating, you may shy away from introducing some things in the relationship like new sex positions because you think your partner may get annoyed and break up in the process. 

However, when you get married, you become more confident and courageous. 

You can try and suggest new ideas to your partner without the fear of getting judged.

2. No pressure to be at your best

When you start dating, you always have the pressure to satisfy your girlfriend sexually. 

However, once you get married, such pressure isn’t necessary. 

You can only do what you can, and don't have to strain too much to please your partner.

3. Sex argument becomes very normal

When you are dating, your partner may be afraid to express his or her dissatisfaction after sex. 

He or she might want you to up your game, but telling you this could be difficult. 

Once married, you realise that such talks become normal and no one is ashamed to say anything.