A group of fourteen commercial sex workers in Nakuru town has called on well-wishers to help them reform.

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The sex workers said there has been an increased rate of crime targeted at them as well as many hardships.

In an exclusive interview, the sex workers said they indulged into the business after a miserable life.

“We were not meant for this business but the miserable lives led us into this,” said Ms. Short as identified in the street.

Hardships, they said, pushed them to seduce men in the streets.

The group has said that among the challenges they go through is being taken advantage of by the men they meet.

“We have gone through a lot of suffering and majority of us are singles. Some men end up abusing us by sodomizing contrary to our expectations and some run away with our money,” another sex worker said.

The group is now calling on well-wishers to intervene and come to their psychological support saying being in the streets is tough.