Thika town is known for among other things pineapples, industries, and thriving active nightlife.

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In the town's outskirts, you will find various estates where people working in the vast town retire in the evening.

Among these estates is Kiganjo estate which is found on the South Eastern part of Thika and is about 30 minutes drive from the town centre using public transport.

However, there is one thing about this particular estate that makes it stand out from other estates in Thika.

According to various estate residents who spoke in an exclusive interview, Kiganjo is the only estate in Thika where rain never falls and when it does it pours causing wanton destruction.

For instance, last year during the El Nino rains, Kiganjo was all over the news after several residents were displaced from their residentials by flash floods. This was blamed on among other things poor drainage system.

But there are those among residents who think otherwise.

"If you ask me why it never rains in Kiganjo and when the rains finally come they only come to bring suffering, I will tell you it is because of the residents' waywardness. To me Kiganjo is the 'Sodom and Gomorrah' of Thika," Arthur Mwaura, a 'mutura' seller in the estate said on Wednesday.

Esther Waithera who says that she has lived in the estate for the past six years, echoes Mwaura's sentiments noting that Kiganjo only makes news for all the wrong reasons.

"Just recently some secondary school girls that had gone missing for days from Gatanga were found here with unknown men. Last month, a child kidnapper was nabbed here," Wanjiru said.

She adds: "You cannot also go for a month before bumping into an aborted foetus. There is a lot of evil and illegalities that happen around this place."

James Thuku, a 65-year-old resident and who grew in the estate's neighbourhood also admits that there are a lot of wrong things happening in the estate but blames it on newcomers.

Thuku says that while growing up, Kiganjo was just a serene and little-known place within Thika till after the area developed to what it is today.

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