Everyday, people choose to tie the knot hoping to have healthy marriages. Unfortunately, things turn sour later; they chose the wrong person. 

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These three powerful tips will help you avoid marrying the wrong person;

1. Heal from a past relationship

After ending a long-term relationship, some people jump into marriage shortly after meeting new partners. 

This is absolutely wrong. It is advised that you use the subsequent relationship to heal from the past one or stay single and recollect yourself together. 

Many people fall into wrong arms by making this mistake. 

2. Take time to know the person

Once you find someone you can love. It is appropriate that you invest your time in knowing the person inside out. 

People can pretend to be what you see now but later turn into what they really are. 

To ensure your heart is safe, take some time studying their inner personalities. 

3. Check whether you share common goals

Couple sharing common goals are likely to stay together forever and the opposite is true. Having common goals and interests means having a common life. 

Going for a partner who has nothing common with yours in relation to goals and interests would mean a short relationship or a divorce later in life.