Are you wondering what will happen next when you break up with your toxic boyfriend?

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Breaking up of couples is something that happens each and every day.

People do let their loved ones go when they happen to be unhappy in a relationship.

When it comes to breaking up with a toxic boyfriend, there are some things that one should ask herself first now that most probably one is scared of what might happen.

Here are some of the questions to ask yourself before breaking ties with your beloved toxic boyfriend.

1. Does he have nothing to give you? 

Does your boyfriend take you to dates? Does he bother on how you are doing? Does he listen to you when you talk to him?

When the answer to all this is no, then you’ve got nothing to lose as he gives you nothing.

Being in a dull relationship can be very boring and upsetting.

Hence, if you affirm that he no longer gives you nothing then, you have a go ahead reason for breaking up with him.

2. Are you staying for the wrong reasons? 

It reaches a point where one needs to be honest with herself.

Why are you dating him? Is it that you are afraid that if he ever leaves you, you might never get love some other place?

Don’t allow yourself to stay in a relationship for long just because you are not sure of whether you will ever be loved or love someone again.

It is better to be single than staying in a toxic relationship.

3. Do you still have fun together? 

This is an important question to ask yourself since a relationship without fun is typically blind.

If you happen to no longer have fun together, then it is just as good as each one of you taking separate ways.