Days after the Catholic Church announced that they will no longer entertain politicians in its pulpits, the Kisumu Catholic Church has followed the order.

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Through Archbishop Philip Anyolo, the diocese now says that it will as well not allow politicians to conduct fundraisers for its churches, as the 'dirty money' debate intensifies.

Speaking on Tuesday, the priest said that politicians are completely not allowed in the church, and cannot hold any other function in the churches going forward.

He said that the altars will be used for their rightful purpose which is worship, adding that a comprehensive announcement on the issue will be made next month.

“Our altars are purely for worship and fellowship. We will give a comprehensive statement on this matter on May 7 but that is our stand now,” he told the Standard.

This comes amid claims that the monies being taken to the church by the politicians is on monster occasions proceeds of corruption, taken there for laundering.

So far, the initiative to bar politicians from functions enjoys the backing of a number of priests from across the denominations and some politicians as well.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga and Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) boss Kalonzo Musyoka lead that team of politicians opposed to the fundraisers.