It is exactly one week before President Uhuru Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party Leader Raila Odinga visit Kisumu.

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The two leaders are scheduled to lead the official launch of the pilot phase of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) program in Kisumu next Thursday.

They will of course tackle the UHC issue in their speeches, but that is not the only issue Kisumu residents want addressed.

The other issues are;

1.Explanation of the handshake

On March 09, 2018, ODM leader Raila Odinga surprised his supporters, allies, and rivals when he met the President at his Harambee Office. The two leaders gave each other a big handshake and decided to work together towards ensuring peace in the country.

The two were bitter rivals during the 2017 Presidential elections and not many expected them to work together that soon. To say the truth, a section of Kisumu residents are yet to embrace the handshake. It is now upon the two leaders to explain to them what the handshake is all about, and why they decided to work together.

2. Compensation

After last year’s August 8th general elections, and during the October 26th repeat presidential election, some residents of Kisumu died or got injured as a result of being ‘clobbered’ by security officers.

When this is mentioned, the case of 6-month-old baby Samantha Pendo who died as a result of alleged police assault comes to mind.

The two leaders must address compensation mechanisms for families of those who died or got injured last year.