Before getting into a relationship, you should always be keen on the guy you choose to be your partner. Most men only pretend to be nice at the start then change after some time. No one wishes to be in a relationship that is doomed to fail. 

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Here are three things that should happen before you commit to a guy

1. Make sure you trust him

Trust is one of the tenets of a successful relationship. Without trust, they’ll be no peace in the relationship as your arguments and fights will never end. Never enter a relationship if you do not trust your man fully. Doing so would only lead to a breakup after a short while.

2. Meet his friends

Make sure you meet his friends before settling down in a relationship. His friends will always make you know him better. If he avoids this subject, this is a major red flag as he is likely hiding something from you. 

3. Communicate openly

Communication is one of the recipes for a healthy relationship. Make sure you’re able to express your thoughts and ideas to your partner openly. This way, it will be much easier to solve conflicts and arguments that may arise in future.