WhatsApp is used by more than a billion people across the world, and its use is not limited to phones only as most people think. 

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It’s possible to install WhatsApp and use it on your laptop or desktop. Only two ways are practical so far:

In the first technique, you can install WhatsApp using free software known as bluestacks

Bluestacks is an Android software that enables one to download WhatsApp from the play store and use it on the laptop via the software. 

You can also access other Android applications using the same software.

The second technique requires that you have a WhatsApp account running on your phone. 

You are also required to download and install WhatsApp for the desktop. 

This feature can be accessed right from the official WhatsApp website. 

After launching the WhatsApp for desktop, visit your WhatsApp account on your phone and open WhatsApp web. You need to scan the QR code on the desktop to log in.

However, make sure that both WhatsApp on your phone and desktop have good access to the internet or else it won’t work. 

You should also maintain a close geographical distance to keep the connection. 

I hope this article was helpful.