Everyone has a secret that he/she is never willing to reveal to anyone under any situation. 

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However, at times we are forced to say what we have been hiding for long, and you can be shocked to learn that what you thought is a secret is known to many people. 

Some people can, however, be able to hide their secrets for long and even die without revealing them to anyone. 

Here are some of the most kept secrets;

1. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Very few people open up when they are infected with any sexual infection. This happens mostly when the infection one is suffering from does not have physical symptoms like loss of weight. 

Even during and after medication, a very small percentage of those who suffered will speak about it. 

2. Secret children

Some couples have children out of their marriages. In some cases, those involved keep this secret even up to death. 

It is during the burial that someone shows up claiming that the deceased was their father or mother.

3. Debt

Nobody will ever want his debts to be public. In most cases, people will opt to pay their debts secretly no matter what how big they are.