A driver in Nakuru was arrested and fined Sh100, 000 for bribing a traffic police officer with Sh2, 000 to avoid getting punished for breaking traffic laws. 

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The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) in a tweet said that Denis Munyoki Mukungi, a driver of a private car was fined the said amount for giving out a bribe. 

“The anti-corruption Court in Nakuru has convicted and fined Denis Munyoki Mukungi a driver of a private motor vehicle Ksh100,000 for giving a bribe of ksh2,000 to a traffic police officer to avoid being charged with a traffic offence,” said EACC.

However, Kenyans online asked why the traffic police officer who was given the bribe wasn’t arrested. 

“What about the traffic police officer who received the bribe?” asked Levi Nyamu. 

In a rejoinder, EACC said that it is was the police officer who reported the matter to the EACC. 

“The police officer reported the matter to EACC,” the anti-graft body responded.

However, a section of Kenyans still criticised EACC on matters corruption citing it has failed to arrest the big fish who are corrupt.