Political analyst Ambrose Weda has lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta over his ongoing cooperation with opposition leader Raila Odinga, regardless of their initial political differences.

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He further approved Uhuru’s recent move to appoint Odinga to represent him and the nation in India, noting that the National Super Alliance (NASA) chief was the best for the assignment.

Speaking on KBC English Service on Wednesday morning, the High Court Advocate said that Odinga was more suitable for the trip which saw him hold talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, him being a former Premier himself.

‘’India is led by a Prime Minister and sending Raila, who was also in a similar position, brings some sort of closeness and could lead to better results as compared to if anyone else had been sent,’’ he said.

He added that Odinga’s newfound closeness with the head of state and his newly assumed diplomatic role has no political consequences, saying that he has every right to serve in that capacity,  being a former supreme leader of the nation. 

‘’He is a former Premier and is serving the nation and not Uhuru. Let people not be worried about his trips because even if he embarks on private trips he will still meet the leaders of the nations he goes to,’’ he added.

The Tuesday, June 3 meeting saw Odinga and his host deliberate on the need for Kenya and India to establish a more solid cooperation on matters space technology, agriculture, among others.