Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka can never be Kenyan president unless a miracle happens.

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Though Kalonzo has leadership qualities, there are some other traits required for one to lead the country that he does not have.

His indecisiveness and cowardice will deny him the top seat since the presidency doesn’t need a meek person.

So far, Kalonzo hasn’t even convinced his backyard on voting for him in the next general election.

This is an indication that he is not yet decided to vie for the seat in 2022.

Despite the ODM chief Raila Odinga's controversial oathing ceremony conducted at Uhuru Park in Nairobi early this year being illegal, Kalonzo snabbed the event despite him being Odinga's presidential runningmate in 2017 elections.

This made him lose most of the electorates' confidence, some have since branded him coward while others call him traitor.

Some leaders eyeing the country’s top seat have already started growing muscles, lobbying and holding talks with key leaders whose political support would really impact their bids.

Kalonzo's remarks on being President Uhuru’s errand boy was the last nail on his coffin.

The Ukambani political king pin had in the past been quoted saying he had realized that power is not given but taken.

His actions, however, don't show any sign of power taking.

Imagine more than three regions rallying behind him for him to declare himself a "mtu wa mkono" (errand boy).

Those remarks did not only confuse his followers but many deserted him.

As former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama said, the whistle has been blown and the contestants have begun the cross country race.

Kalonzo who is quarter-way the race has started running backward.

Maybe, Kalonzo feels burdened by having a lot of communities looking up to him.

But what happened to the 2007 go-getter and daring leader who faced his opponents without fear and emerged third?