Valentine’s day is among the most special moments in the life of lovers.  

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Kenyan couples celebrate this day in different ways. 

You cannot afford to get anything wrong when celebrating this special day. 

Make sure you plan for the day to avoid embarrassments. Avoid making these three mistakes on Valentine’s day:

1. Delay to buy a gift

Most men rush to the local market to look for gifts on the D-day. 

The price of things you can present as gifts normally rise on the celebration day.  

It is recommended to purchase a gift days before that time if you want to save some money at the end of the day.

2. Purchasing a typical gift

There are different gifts you can present to someone you love. 

Make sure you find something unique to offer him or her. 

Do not just go for anything in the name of a gift. 

Ensure she or he will like your gift. Look for something he or she has never owned before. 

Take advantage of endless deals online to find something worth your love. 

3. Excessive drinking

Do you love liquor? Do not go drinking all day long in the name of celebrating love. 

It is advisable to drink responsibly. Too much alcohol is harmful to your health. 

Find something else to do than taking her or him on a drinking spree in town on this date.