Central Kenya residents have expressed mixed reactions after President Uhuru Kenyatta rebuked a Member of Parliament who requested the national government to refurbish a local school.

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During the burial of a prominent Murang'a businessman Thayu Kamau Kabugi on Thursday, Kiharu legislator Ndindi Nyoro asked the President to order refurbishment of Gitui Secondary School since it was in a sorry state.

However, when he rose to speak, a visibly angry Uhuru told off Nyoro, noting that he doesn't want "filth" from leaders who have been crisscrossing the country over the 2022 polls.

He said MPs shouldn't demand money from him when they were receiving Sh100 million each year through the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF).

"Tamerei tamerei nie ndamerire ndikwenda giko kiao. Moriei nuu haha uturi na mbeca ciagwaka mathukuru...nimake mathukuru mau! (You tell them! Tell them I don't need their filth, ask who among them present here doesn't have funds to build schools…let them build those schools!)," said the Head of State.

The sentiments have elicited mixed reactions on social media, with some residents wondering whether the President could have responded the same way if the request had come from a leader from the opposition zone.

Others, however, sided with the Head of State, arguing that it is the mandate of MPs to build schools through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Here are more reactions to the President's remarks.