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The day KU’s government-sponsored and parallel students clashed

Pythie Meja
Students at the Kenyatta University. [Photo/]

Kenyatta University admits students from all corners of the country and also from foreign countries such as China. 

The university offers different programs, from diploma to doctorate. Majority of the students in the varsity are undergraduates, who are divided into groups; self-sponsored program (SSP) popularly known as 'parallel students' and government sponsored.

Unfortunately, these two groups sometimes behave like co-wives. They attend similar lectures, do everything together but sometimes, though on rare occasions, engage in online debates that reveal the enmity between them.

But how do they identify each other? The unique student admission number reveals the group you belong to. For instance, if a student is pursuing a software engineering course from the school of engineering, the admission number will appear like J23s/1111/2020 (for SSP) and J23/1111/2020 for government sponsored. 

The (S) indicates you are a parallel student.


April 22, 2013

, the two groups engaged in a war of words on the ITS ONLY IN K.U Facebook page.


debate ensued after the group admin asked the comrades their opinion on disciplinary issues that were facing some students.

"So apparently 27 K.U students have been summoned before the disciplinary committee following riots after the discovery of ballot materials at Business Centre in mid-March

…My question where is

ABABU NAMWAMBA and MILLIE ODHIAMBO who hailed them as “gallant soldiers” of democracy? The COMRADES will suffer just because they fought somebody else’s war. Your Thoughts???" posted Samuel.


question, which only sought students' thoughts over the matter of the 27 students took an unexpected turn and escalated to a debate of who is who in the field of academics between the two groups.

SSP students revealed why they were happy with their choice, arguing that they were entitled to courses of their choice at the university, as they utilize their parents' money to finish their studies within the shortest time possible as opposed to government-sponsored

students who after every academic year break for long



Obadiah said: "I am a proud SSP, and money took me where my brain could not, so what nigger? Na nitamaliza






, so we are all the same and maybe am better than you."

On the other hand, the government-sponsored

students argued that they were the academic giants at the university.

"I can see KU has a lot of academic rejects aka academically displaced persons…hahahaha

, si wanateta

, these academic rejects should lie low like an envelope. Period," said Dennis Rapenda.


, the post was later pulled down from the page, which marked the end of the fierce debate.


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