Sometimes in life, we encounter toxic people. 

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They could be our friends, lovers, colleagues or even family. 

Mentally healthy people can deal with these toxic people in the following ways

1.Set physical boundaries 

A mentally strong person will limit the time of interaction with a toxic person. 

Setting boundaries enable them to devote their energies on meaningful things rather than dealing with toxicity. 

2.Set emotional boundaries 

Sometimes you cannot limit your time of interaction with toxic people. 

These people could be your boss or family members. 

 It is advisable to limit their influence in your life. 

Don’t complain about them in your spare time since you are giving them power over you. 

3.Work on controlling yourself, not others 

You can’t control others. 

Rather control how you perceive other’s actions and words towards you. 

Do not invest your energy thinking that other people are different. 

4. Follow through on what you say 

Don't threaten to cut off that toxic lover and then accept them back. 

It makes it worse for you. 

He or she won’t change, and in accepting them back, you are setting the trend. 

No matter what you say, they know you won’t follow through. 

5.Regulate your thoughts 

Do not have negative thoughts about someone, especially how they make you feel. 

Doing so will only give them power over you. 

6.Engage in healthy coping skills 

Don't resort to drugs to cope with toxic people. It does not help. 

Instead, engage in activities that promote your physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Stay true to your values. 

Quit that job if you have to. Quit that relationship if it is not in line with your values. 

In short, never compromise your values.