Diamond Platnumz's sister Esma Platinumz has heaped praises on her former sister-in-law, Hamisa Mobeto.

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Esma has said that Hamisa is a changed woman with great signs of maturity.

Diamond sired a baby boy with Hamisa when the singer was dating another woman, Ugandan socialite-cum-business woman, Zari Hassan.

This was one of the many reasons that led to Diamond-Zari breakup.

However, after the breakup, Diamond again would not stick to Hamisa, instead, he started dating a Kenyan, Tanasha Donna, who is a radio presenter at NRG Radio, which marked the genesis of endless drama from his baby mamas.

Hamisa has been distancing herself from Diamond's relationship with Tanasha. This has not been the case with Zari.

Zari has been in a now-and-then war of words both with Diamond and Tanasha, with the recent one being her advice to Tanasha after learning she was expectant. 

Zari advised Tanasha to be ready to be a single mother in the near future for Diamond will eventually walk away.

This has made Esma to applaud Hamisa, for she has managed to move on. 

"For now Hamisa is not a drama woman. She is not like some time back, for now she is a person you can easily talk to and advise, she has really grown-up, I mean she currently understands herself (Ninachoona kwa Hamisa hivi sasa amekuwa sana na ameacha kabisa drama za ajabu sio kama kipindi cha nyuma unaweza ukaongea nae au ukamshauri baadae kile ulichomkataza, sasa hivi amekuwa kwa kweli yaan anajielewa), said Esma as quoted by Mbagala TV

Tanasha and Diamond are expecting a baby in two months time.