It is happiness, joy and relieve to a mother once she gives birth. 

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Though it is also disappointing because it leaves her with a big tummy which was enlarged by the baby while in the womb.

No woman likes a big tummy at all. Here are the natural ways to have a flat tummy immediately after delivery.

1. Breast feeding 

Breast feeding is not only important to the new born baby but also good to a mother. It makes her to have a flat tummy as it was before delivery. It makes the uterus to shrink and faster and also cuts weight.

2. Binding the abdomen

This is the common and popularly known technique used by most women after giving birth. This one is a bit painful but it works. It needs one to tie her tummy as long as she can.

3. Drinking a lot of water

Water is very  important to the human body. It is can help a great deal in getting a flat tummy to a woman who has given birth. She needs to drink as much water as she can. Drinking a lot of water helps to abdominal muscles to contract and reduces the fats in the stomach rendering it flat.