There was drama recently when Water Resource Authority (WRA) officials impounded a Chinese-owned paper manufacturing firm based in Thika town accusing it of disposing effluents into Thika River.

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WRA Chairman Joe Mutambu who was present during the crackdown says that the careless disposal of the the firm's untreated waste into the river, poses a huge health risk to thousands of people who rely on the river downstream.

"Many Kenyans depend on water from this river to plant, drink and feed livestock. Unfortunately, they continue to use the water unaware of the hazardous effluents disposed into the river. This is why waterborne diseases and cancer seems to be on the rise," Mutambu says as reported by Inooro TV.

Mutambu adds that the crackdown on such errant companies will go on across the country noting that no one is above the law.

"It doesn't matter whether you are doing it within the confines of your personal property, but we will arrest you if we find you going against our environmental laws. Private, public or foreign enterprises operating in Kenya must adhere to the set laws and regulations or face dire consequences," he adds.

The company was closed down while its adamant Chinese owner who is captured on camera daring police officers by attempting to grab one of the officers' gun, was arrested.

Mutambu said that the company will remain closed till WRA is convinced that the company has put up enough mechanisms to treat its effluents before releasing them into the river.

You can watch the dramatic arrest of the 'errant' Chinese national.