Coconuts are common fruits in Mombasa and the coast at large. Residents have embraced this fruit in greater measures, particularly in foods

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Most foods here are prepared using coconut products called 'Tui', this is an end product gotten after crushing coconuts and then squeeze it in water to get milk-like stuffs that serve as cooking oil.

However, very few are using the fruit for beauty purposes.

There are other ways coconut oil can be used, besides using it in foods, it can also be used to improve one's beauty. These other ways to use oil derived from the fruit:

1. Removing cosmetics from your face

Most residents in Coast use makeups, if buying makeup remover is becoming expensive, then coconut oil will serve the purpose. The good thing with this is that it does not dry up your skin. Just use a piece of cotton cloth to apply coconut on your skin and remove the makeups and leave your skin hydrated and beautiful 

2. Supple lips

If your lipstick leaves you with dry lips then consider coconut oil. The scorching sun in Mombasa can also lead to lips dryness, however, coconut oil is the best remedy and it is very natural. Apply the oil on your lips like you could do with your other lip gloss.

3. Skin moisturizer

Coconut oil retains more skin moisture than any other oil, which leaves one's skin hydrated all along. It also speeds up wound healing on broken skin.