Juja town as an educational centre is among the places where students from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology should exercise caution while roaming. 

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Not all the areas in Juja are as safe as you may think. There are smugglers who are fond of extorting and accosting students, especially during the night.

This article aims to enlighten the Juja residents and JKUAT's fraternity on areas they should avoid during the night.

1. Gachororo 

Those students who live in this place can evidently tell how dangerous this place is at night and even during the day. It is no big deal to find your house empty after stepping out for a while.

Avoid walking alone at night.

2. Gate C 

This is the riskiest place. It is considered to be a haven for thugs. Many cases of robbery and thugs stabbing students have been reported here. 

Criminals often assault and mug innocent students especially after 9 pm.

3. Sewage

To the first-years who don't know this place, it is along Thika Super Highway. It is among the perilous places you should avoid walking at night. There is a high crime rate with students being robbed every day.