Former Youth Fund boss Gor Semelang’o has urged MPs and government to scrap the listing of Kenyans in CRB, adding that the economy is poor.

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“I am urging the members of parliament and the government to scrap the CRB listing because given the state of our economy is not in tandem with the reality of enlisting members of public and businessmen, that stifles growth,” he said. 

Semelang’o who is an astute businessman in Kenya says the listing of members of the public and businessmen in CRB does no good to the economy of Kenya. 

He also advised the government to look for other alternatives to handle loan defaulters because SME’s are the engine of the nation’s economy. 

He further asked the government to do away with the current policy of enlisting loan defaulters and instead set aside funds that SME’s can borrow and given a grace period of three months. 

He, however, called upon governors and other leaders to work closely with members of commerce as part of the bilateral agreement signed by the business community, saying it will bring growth to the country.