When a woman is pregnant, she is at her most vulnerable state. 

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She is filled with a whole lot of different emotions, and at the same time dealing with other bad side effects. Just that one comment can set her off.

To avoid pissing a pregnant woman off, here are three things you should never say to them:

1." Being in labour was the worst pain I've ever had in my entire life."

Though every woman knows that pregnancy is a painful experience, there is no need to scare her with birth horror stories that might not happen to her.

A pregnant woman, especially a first-timer, doesn't want to hear stories from other women on how they painfully cramped, rolled on the floor and how much they cried during labour.

Every woman is different, so let her find out what is going to happen when that time comes.

2."You look fat."

Making fun of a pregnant woman's body is not funny at all. 

She knows that she has a big belly, so there's no need of you pointing it out. 

No matter how much she gains, it's still hard on her. 

Therefore, if you are near a pregnant woman, stay away from this phrase.

3."Are you supposed to eat, drink or do that?"

Though pregnant women need to have modified eating habits, the last thing she wants to hear is being judged on what she is eating. 

Therefore, unless she is drinking alcohol or smoking, or asking for your input on the matter, it is advisable to keep your mouth shut.