Every couple greatest hope is being united in marriage that is flavoured, full of roses.

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Many guys always find it hard to continue in the same spirit as when they are newly wedded, as they start getting involved in so many activities that distance them from their spouses, making their marriage unworth and regretful.

Here are some guidelines that will help you prioritise your wife;

1. Have an honest conversation on 'winning'

As a couple honesty is a key to a happy marriage. Therefore you should always be open to your partner concerning your dreams and desires of how you would like your love life to be and achievements you would like to achieve as a couple, this will create bonding strength that will result in great couple achievements in marriage.

2. Give the best version of you 

Being the family head, your concern should be always playing a greater role in bringing up a happy family. You should always prioritise her and your children from anything including your work, sacrifice your busy schedule and be with her, this will increase your bond with her more.

3. Find shared hobbies.

Do not give more priorities to your hobbies only, but also know the hobbies you both share to make you both enjoy your free time together, this will build a feeling of love and concern between you two.